Bismillah Song Lyrics – Laxmmi Bomb

बिस्मिल्लाह Bismillah Song Lyrics from Movie Laxmmi Bomb. Bismillah song is sung by Shashi – Dj Khushi. It has music composed by Shashi – Dj Khushi and while lyrics are penned by Gagan Ahuja.

Bismillah Song Lyrics Laxmmi Bomb

Enjoy The Superhit Song ‘Bismillah‘ Video Song and Lyrics

Movie : Laxmmi Bomb
Stars : Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani
Song : Bismillah
Singers : Shashi – Dj Khushi
Musics : Shashi – Dj Khushi
Lyrics : Gagan Ahuja
Director : Raghava Lawrence
Music Label : Zee Music Company

Bismillah Song Lyrics

Jee Karda Dila Du Tenu Bismillah,

Dila Du Dila Du Tenu Bismillah..

Update Soon..

We Will Publish Its Full Lyrics And Music Video After Releasing The Song.

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